College Planning Help

You are beginning an exciting time in your life! As a student you are looking forward to spreading your wings and discovering more about what life has to offer. As a parent you are hopeful about launching your child from the foundation of home into the vast opportunities of his or her future. In my role as a college counselor it is a privilege to work with students and their families, helping them explore options and plan for their futures. Since 1994 I have been counseling students on the college process and I love what I do. Helping students identify their talents, strengths and passions and transferring this knowledge to their college search allows me to guide students to their "best fit" colleges or post-secondary placement.
Western Washington University

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As a college counselor I am able to focus specifically with the student on their academic progress and guide them through the process of college preparation, college research, application and selection.


Each year I visit college campuses to keep up-to-date about colleges and their admission practices. View the campuses I have visited.


The web is an endless source of information as you consider the steps in college planning.